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About Us

Pro Caliber Lacrosse is the premier travel program in British Columbia. Our student-athletes learn from some of the best lacrosse players in the world and develop fundamental life skills that promote long-term, individual accomplishments. We not only travel to high-level recruiting tournaments in the US, but we also host successful recruiting events in BC to provide local, youth players with affordable, quality, life-changing opportunities.


We support and encourage academic success by providing our players with standardized test preparation and emphasizing the importance of education. We are continuously building new relationships with universities all across North America who approach our staff in hopes of recruiting PCL's most accomplished student-athletes.


To ensure that politics don't interfere with our mission, we have absolutely no parent involvement, we hire accomplished coaches and trustworthy managers who we hold to the professional standard that Pro Caliber Lacrosse intends to set.


Our payment plans are designed to accommodate each individual family regardless of their financial situation. 

The Proof Is In The Pudding

PCL student-athletes committed to the NCAA on a scholarship since 2017...


posted 02/19/2019
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